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Thera-Band Wobble Board -Xtra Challenging

The Great Balance & Stability Handbook
The Great Balance & Stability Handbook
Item#: FG2775

Thera-Band Wobble Board -Xtra Challenging

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Offer an unstable and sensory-stimulating surface designed to facilitate balance, proprioceptive training and automatic postural reactions. The Wobble Board provides multiple planes of instability while rocker boards allow only one at a time.

Made of black molded plastic with a specially designed tactile surface on the top and an antiskid surface on the bottom and comes with an illustrated instruction guide with over 37 exercises.

  • Balance and proprioceptive training for upper and lower extremities
  • 300-lb. weight limit
  • Wobble Board measures 16-1/8" diameter
  • 22 degree angle of deflection

  • Thera-Band Wobble Board -Xtra Challenging
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