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TMX55 TrackMaster Treadmill
TMX55 TrackMaster Treadmill
Item#: FG1143

TMX55 TrackMaster Treadmill

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Since 1978, long before most current treadmill companies began, Trackmaster has built treadmills widely regarded as the absolute quality benchmark; the toughest, most durable institutional treadmills in the industry.

Trackmaster's design concept was simple: make an affordable heavy-duty treadmill that could withstand years of punishing use without wearing out, while retaining the features that treadmill users want. Quiet, attractively designed and with a choice of full featured digital controllers. Trackmaster for 1998 sets the standard.

Each Trackmaster is designed to stand up to the heavy-use, non-stop demands of fitness clubs, corporate health centers, hospital wellness programs, physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation. We also custom-build treadmills for research and special applications.

There are significant reasons for selecting Trackmaster over lesser treadmills. Users recognize and appreciate the longest and widest low-to-the-ground shock absorbing running area of any club treadmill, coupled with a smooth and quiet drive system offering no belt hesitation or slipping. Two well designed and easily to use controllers are available for either manual or programmable operation. Owners appreciate Trackmaster's rugged durability, longer life span and low overall cost of ownership along with the quality equipment image which Trackmaster provides. Ideal for Hotel fitness centers and Hotel exercise rooms.

Enough with the hype, these are the facts. Compare Trackmaster's numbers, including price, and you'll find that THERE IS NO COMPETITOR. Trackmaster is longer, wider, has a higher elevation, more running room on the cushioned deck, and an easy-to-use controller packed with functions our users love.

One more thing - No treadmill can or ever will outlast a Trackmaster. Our rough, AC inverter-drive system will absorb years of pounding, punishing workouts without fail. It's what we're known for. So run the numbers, then count on Trackmaster.

Completely restyled, the new Trackmaster models TMX22 and TMX55 are longer, wider, quieter, and packed with user-preferred features.

The new 22" wide, 63" long running belt, Trackmaster now provides more running area than any club treadmill in the industry.

The double-sided running deck gives years of service and absorbs and dampens even the most punishing shocks better than the previous model.

Trackmaster's patented MasterTrack belt alignment system eliminates the need to periodically realign the running belt.

The new low-profile hood dampens motor noise and allows easier access for maintenance, while the sleek, restyled frame complements any family's décor or layout.

Trackmaster's quiet, reliable AC inverter drive can easily handle users up to 500 pounds without the belt lag you'll find in lesser treadmills.

Both Trackmaster models provides both Polar and contact heart rate displays as a standard feature, a part of the most innovative programmable treadmill controller anywhere.


  • Heavy-gauge steel frame
  • Epoxy powder coat in jet-black or white
  • Safety side rails are standard
  • Cushioned 22" x 63" , Waxless (maintenance free deck), low profile (5" from floor)running surface
  • Our reversible, double sided running deck is 1.25" thick and is v-grooved on one side to accommodate the patented MasterTrack belt alignment system.
  • Double-sided running deck; Reversible deck (after approx. 200 hours)
  • 4” steel rollers. They are also machined with the v-groove. It is widely acknowledged that the Trackmaster deck/belt/roller system is the least problematic and most durable in the industry.
  • Heavy duty 2.5 HP AC inverter drive
  • 110V, 60Hz, 15A
  • All international standards available
  • Speed Range 0.5-12 MPH (220V) or 0.5-10 MPH (110V)
  • Auto Speed Reset (ASR)
  • Maximum speed and use time can be limited
  • Elevation Range 0-15% standard
  • 0-25% optional

    TMX55 CONTROLLER (console) Full-featured, interactive controller is programmable, easy to customize, and includes a "help" function and message center.

    * Large bright LED display * Built in bottle holders * 8 adjustable programmed workouts * 10 programable workout with 10 stages each * Excercise time limit * Speed / elevation capture software * Dual stop switches * Cool-down command * Calories / METS based on user entered weight * Quick start command


    * Workout name * Segment (stage) number * Stage time * MPH (KMH) * Pace (minutes / miles) * Distance * Heart rate ( polar and contact) * METS, calories,/minute, total calories * Elevation

    Interactive Message Center

    * Displays customized information * Prompts unfamiliar users * Quick input of speed/time/elevation commands * Built in maintenance log, odometer, hour meter.


  • 33" x 88" level surface
  • User capacity of 500lbs.
  • Weight: 412 lbs.
  • 600 lbs. Boxed in wood crate: 96"x41"68".


  • 2 years on all parts
  • 1 year labor

    Certificates: Trackmaster is manufactured under ISO 9001-2000. Regarding safety and regulatory compliance, Trackmaster is listed by ETL (the UL competitor), CE (the European standard) and CSA in Canada.

  • TMX55 TrackMaster Treadmill
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