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Nordic Stream Walking Poles

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New, medically proven, fun, full body walking exercise Cross Country Walking with Poles is an easy to learn, efficient and inexpensive form of exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels.

This innovative fitness walking technique was developed from cross-country skiing and over 4 million people are already enjoying the benefits of this new exercise method in 20 different countries.

"Nordic Style" fitness walking is equally suitable for professional athletes, basic training or someone on a weight loss program. Even those rehabilitating from joint and knee injuries can benefit from using the walking poles.


  • Adjustable, velcro style wrist strap, is designed for convenient wrist support.
  • Two component handle will support relaxed grip while the softer material enables easy retrieval and good contact with the pole at all times.
  • Wind trusion and heat process is used to produce light weight, (less than 7 oz), hollow composite, carbon fiber shaft witch allows great swinging motion.
  • Carbide steel spike is cup shape for best ground contact.
  • Asphalt boot is made of long lasting durable rubber
  • Available in different sizes based on the height of the walker

    **Please be sure to select the correct size poles based on your height.

  • Nordic Stream Walking Poles

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