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Pilates Poster - Intermediate Routine

Item#: FG1126

Pilates Poster - Intermediate Routine

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With this poster, you'll learn the "Pilates Five" abdominal series, as well as over 16 other classic Pilates exercises that train all areas of your body for maximum benefit. These exercises are for developing core strength, better balance, long and lean muscles, while also improving coordination, control and focus.

1. The Hundred 2. Roll Up 3. Single Leg Circle 4. Rolling 5a. Single Leg Stretch 5b. Double Leg Stretch 5c. Straight Leg Stretch 5d. Double Straight Leg Stretch 5e. Criss-Cross 6. Spine Stretch 7. Open Leg Balance and Rocker 8. Corkscrew 9. Saw 10. Swan Prep 11. Leg Kick 12. Double Leg Kick 13. Child's Pose 14. Spine Twist 15. Swimming 16. Seal 17. Pilates Push-Ups

Laminated 24" x 36"

Pilates Poster - Intermediate Routine
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