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Wai Lana Easy Starter Exercise Kit

Item#: FG1293

Wai Lana Easy Starter Exercise Kit

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Develop a beautifully toned, firm body Build core strength and stamina Increase flexibility, balance, and coordination Optimize energy, health, and well-being

Kit Contains:

  • 26 latex-free balancing ball (65 cm)
  • Yoga Pilates resistance band (6W X 4L)
  • Instructional DVD with 3 simple workouts (approx. 50 minutes)
  • Easy workout chart
  • Convenient foot pump

    Combining yoga, Pilates, and resistance training, this complete body-sculpting kit offers you effective tools and simple exercises for an easy at-home workout.

    The balancing ball offers firm, comfortable support, letting you enjoy simple back- and core-strengthening exercises. It will also help you improve balance, flexibility, and coordination, as well as release tension from your spine.

    Lightweight and portable, our 4-foot yoga Pilates resistance band is an effective tool for core strengthening and toning your arms, legs, abs, and buttocks.

    Set in locations of exquisite natural beauty, our instructional DVD features 3 easy workouts to help you relax and relieve stress as you shape your body. Each session shares simple exercises that are perfect for all fitness levels.

    A simple workout chart also shares body-sculpting and core-strengthening exercises to help you firm and tone your body at home or on the go.

  • Wai Lana Easy Starter Exercise Kit
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