Get a Super Duper Workout with these Supersets Some days, that coffee just doesnít kick in.

Instead of getting that stirring vigor youíre usually jolted with every afternoon, you instead find yourself bogged down with a nagging case of the blahs.

Youíre on your way to the gym and only three words enter your mind: Same old thing. Youíre travelling the same roads to go to the same gym at the same old time to do the same old workout.

The rain pelting off your windshield isnít helping any matters.

Quite simply, you feel like a dead fish.

Well, the best remedy for such a dreadful feeling may be at the end of your destination. Once you get inside the gym, and conduct your pre-workout warm-up, jump right in with some riveting super sets that are guaranteed to get the blood pumping and the veins jumping. For example:

CHEST: Try this one. Set two flat benches up just a few feet apart from one another. Do a set of 12-15 dumbbell flyes on one of the benches. When done, immediately place your feet up on one bench, your hands on the other, and crank out a set of 30-40 push-ups, using your own body weight for resistance. Try this superset three times for a super pump.

BICEPS: Find a cable machine with lower hookups that are parallel to one another. Attach D-handles to them. Then, grab a curl bar and rip out a set of 12-15 reps at a moderate weight, making sure that you do slow, strict reps with forced negatives. When youíre finished with this set, immediately jump over to the cable apparatus and whip out a set of alternating cable curls. Do 16 reps on each arm and after this superset, youíll feel your dormant arms spring out of their coffins.

TRICEPS: Lie down on a flat bench with a curl bar and grind through a set of 12-14 triceps extensions. After the final negative of your final rep, jump over to the cable machine where you should have already connected a bar to the top hookup. With your palms facing up, crank out a set of reverse extensions, 14-16 reps for an intense jolt.

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