Core Stabilization - 2 Stabilizing Exercises to Build a Hard Flat Stomach

by Brandon Richey

Fitness is something that has to be built. It is just like starting a construction project. Before you build you have to have a blueprint or plan in place in order to know where to begin. This is necessary for the success of the project. When talking about the makeup of the human body, the strength of your core can be considered the foundation of your planned bodybuilding project. The following 2 exercises are great for stimulating the foundation of your core by the action of stabilization.

1. Unstable Surface Push-ups: This particular drill is tremendous for promoting the stimulation of your muscles. Anytime you have to utilize your balance in addition to applying a resistance your muscles are extremely challenged. This is great because you promote both variables of balance and strength! You can execute this particular type of exercise any number of ways. Some examples may include the use of a stability ball, bosu ball, or medicine ball. Any of these are great for executing a push-up on in various ways. Don't be afraid to be creative. See how many different styles you can come up with using all of the objects.

2. Unstable Surface Squats: This is another great drill to once again promote core stabilization and overall fitness. You will be surprised at how performing squats on an unstable surface such as a bosu ball, stability board, or gel pads will cause your abs and torso to tighten up. These muscles all have to counter-react to the shaking and instability of the surface beneath you in order to hold your body steady. This is again a tremendous way to challenge all of the muscles of your midsection and total trunk. Keep it up and practice on a regular basis. Before long you will watch your stomach get flatter, leaner, and harder than ever!