Dumbbell Exercises - New Ways To Improve Your Muscle Tone

One great way to improve your workouts is with dumbbell exercises. Using a wide variety of dumbbell routines, you can strengthen every major muscle group in your body. Strength training can work with all exercise routines. Dumbbells offer some great advantages over other strength training methods.

Because dumbbell workouts help with stabilizing muscles, they improve your balance and posture. Also, they help you exercise by using natural methods of movement. A dumbbell workout allows you a greater range of movement than strength training machines, and they are so flexible, you can adapt them to the sport you are training for.

Moreover, they are incredibly safe, and they help improve cardiovascular fitness. There are a few things to remember before you start a dumbbell workout, though.

First, be sure you include a warm-up and cool down period in your routine. Five minutes of light aerobic exercise and stretching should take care of that. Also, start with a very low amount of weight. Next, be sure you always have a spotter. Finally, be sure you don't make sudden movements with the weights, as your muscles are experiencing extreme tension during these kinds of exercises.

How Can I Start?

The best way to start a dumbbell exercise routine is with a beginner workout. A typical beginner workout might include the following:

Note: When you are starting out with any exercise program start off slowly and don't try to impress anyone by lifting massive dumbbell weights. You will just feel sore for a long time afterwards.

1. warm-up
2. five lunges for each leg
3. five bicep curls for each arm
4. five overhead presses
5. three minute rest break
6. repeat steps two through five twice
7. cool down period

Once you've worked with this type of routine for a week or so, you're probably ready to move to something a bit more progressive. A more progressive routine might look like this:

1. warm-up
2. ten lunges for each leg
3. ten bicep curls for each arm
4. ten overhead presses
5. eight squats
6. ten side raises
7. ten front raises
8. ten shoulder shrugs
9. three minute rest break
10. repeat steps two through nine four times
11. cool down period

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