Legend Fitness Power Sled 3262
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Legend Fitness Power Sled 3262

Item#: FG3430
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Made to Order - Estimated Lead Time 10 to 12 Weeks
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  • Multiple strap attachment points and handle options
  • Tall Olympic-sized posts are removable and act as additional push handles
  • Frame can be loaded with kettlebells
  • Sled feet are replaceable
No need to prowl with our Pro Series sled – it’s coming through the front door and kicking all other sleds in the teeth!

For an intense field (or parking lot) exercise that really gets the blood pumping and the legs churning, trainers turn to weighted sleds. While the original intent for sleds of this type was to train football linemen, several fantastic sled techniques have been developed to build leg strength, explosiveness, acceleration and overall athletic conditioning. To meet the demands of these varied techniques, and to perhaps add a few more, Legend’s designers saw what the market had to offer and felt there was still room for improvement. The result is the Pro Series Push/Pull Power Sled. Here are a few of the features that make this the most versatile sled available today:

• More robust frame built with 2×3-inch 11 gauge steel. Compare to competitors’ sleds built with smaller 2×2-inch tubing.

• More attachment points on both sides of the sled. With a single attachment point on the pointed end and three attachment points on the wide end, the Pro Series Push/Pull Power Sled offers more options for web handle and belt strap exercises.

• Chrome-plated push handles/load pegs are more durable with less scratching, flaking and rusting. They are also secured by and easily removed with the twist of a beefy, rubber-coated knobs.

• Foam rubber-coated grips for the low handles. Makes for a more comfortable and secure grip when hands get sweaty – and they WILL get sweaty.

• Replaceable sled feet secured by a single bolt. Extends the value of your sled investment when used on abrasive surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. Single bolt design makes switching out old feet for new ones a breeze.

• Three Olympic weight pegs, as opposed to the competition’s two pegs. Gives the user the option of centrally locating the weight or distributing that weight to the rear of the sled.

• Additional frame crossmember increases frame rigidity and durability while providing “pockets” of the user to load the sled with kettlebells.

• Comes with two web handles with snap links.

• Optional high handlebar is available.

If this recent breed of triangular sleds is new to you, the concept was originally derived to force linemen to get very low to perform their pushes or risk driving the single forward foot into the turf. Since that time, many more techniques and exercises have been developed to make these sleds an excellent solution for overall conditioning.

The Pro Series Push/Pull Power Sled weighs about 83 pounds empty and can be loaded up with more weight than the competition, with a price that makes it the best value in the market. Call your Legend representative today to find out firsthand how it is the best sled solution on the market.

NOTE: Two web handles with snap links are included.
  • Dimensions: 39.5 x 33 x 38.75
  • Weight: 94lbs

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