The New Workout Rules For 2012

The world became obsessed with beauty and great abs long before Jersey Shore. Everyone had their own fair share in dreaming of having their own "situation." But working out is hard work and a lot of people would start and would fail to follow through just because it is time-consuming and take too much of your energy. Exercise should give you more energy as this produces more Endorphins. These are hormones that are supposed to make you feel happy and produce more energy. And if exercise routine is done in the right way, your results can be achieved in much shorter time with better results. So here are some tips to make your workout interesting to get you your dream body in a more fun and easy:

Add Intensity to your training. Rather than stepping on the treadmill in front of the TV and watching sappy reruns, why not take a jog in the park, take a bike and ride uphill, or take up swimming. This burns more calories rather than doing stationary exercises. Plus, you can also incorporate other things to your work out by doing your errands along with these suggested exercises. Bag of groceries can replace dead weights. You do cardio and able to tone muscles at the same time.

Stop focusing on one muscle group. Focusing on one muscle group stunts the development of other muscles that support them. You wouldn't be caught with a well-formed upper torso and chicken legs would you? It is important that you create a full-body work out that strengthens every major muscle groups in your body. This creates a more balanced physique and improves posture. Focusing on one muscle groups is simply cramming. It only means that you were a little lax in developing a certain part of your body. So, stop cramming and make sure you work out every muscle in your body. Make sure you do stretching afterwards.

Think thoughtfully about your workouts. Define your goal. Set a timeframe. Your plan has to be feasible. Know what you plan to achieve and your means of getting there. Know what exercises fit your health conditions. There are a lot of exercises that you could do to achieve your goal. Increase tension and weights gradually. The magic word is gradually, to prevent injuries. Variation of push-ups, variations of abs exercises and even exercise equipment, are able to help you meet your desire results.

Never be too lax about your routine. This is plain cheating. Follow your plan. Taking it easy today and working extra hard on another day can lead to serious injuries. Taking it easy for one day is only similar to skipping a day at the gym. It is time wasted. You day at the gym should gradually prepare your body to lift more weights compared to the usual weights you lift. Gradually increase your repetitions. Gradually increase the weights. These little changes creates results. If it doesn't burn, it does not do anything.

Take good cardio exercises. Long line on the treadmill? Skip it. Do step ups. Skip ropes. Run with your dog. Do circuit workouts. Check the local gym schedules for dance workouts. Dancing is good cardio workout. These exercises are a little more entertaining that just plain walking on a treadmill. You be burning more calories before you know it.

Go back to the basics. Some of the basic routines are more efficient than new variations. New variations tend workout a lot of muscles at the same time and loses focus on the muscles would like to work out. When this does not rear results, take unnecessary cheats on routine and simply go back to basics. The right routine gets you the right result. Mind your form. Mind your breathing. Doing it the right way gives you the right outcome and prevents you from injuries.

Clean up your act. Live healthy. The right amount of sleep and the right intake of food gives you the energy your need in the gym. Stop smoking. This would improve your breathing when you work out. Get hydrated. This improves joint lubrication and replenishes fluids in your body you release when you work out. Manage your diet. Your diet is key to reaching your goal.

Stop doing the same thing over and over. It can be tiring to be doing the same thing over and over again. So find ways to spice it up. Gradually increase weights. Try the cable cross chest fly instead of the vertical chest press with dumbbells. It works the same muscle groups but certainly breaks the monotony in just looking at the ceiling. Creating changes in your routine bring a different intensity to your workout as your muscles can be used to the same old routine being done over and over again. Try other things. Alternate yoga or pilates instead of the usual stretching.

Get up and start doing something. Now that you have your goals, these would just be a fragment of our imagination if we don't get started. So start doing something. You need not adapt a famous exercise routine. You can check local schedules for running events, you can check workout clubs that meet in the park, or sign up for a dance class or combat routines. Honestly, you won't get that a hot body watching reruns of Jersey Shore. So, get inspired and get those endorphins pumping!

Dean Piazza is the resident personal trainer @ Dean is the expert personal trainer on NineMsn, Australia's largest website portal and regularly appears in magazines with his training tips,weight loss comments and gym equipment reviews.

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