Really Great Low Back Pain Exercises!

By Sarah H

If you suffer from lower back pains, you should try some exercises to easy away the pain instead of taking medication that may do bad things to your stomach lining and liver. If you donít suffer from lower back pain but are looking for exercises that donít cause a lot of back strain then this article is the one for you.

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise and is the best at keeping you lithe, limber and flexible. One of the best positions for your back is the downward dog which stretches all the muscles in your back as well as your thighs and calves and shoulders and arms. You begin on all fours, elbows and knees equal widths apart then you begin to push up with your legs and then your arms until your body forms a triangle basically with your hips and waist as the apex and your arms and legs at the two ends, you hold the pose for a few seconds and then return to all fours and repeat a few times.

Another good yoga exercise for your back is the triangle pose. You begin with your legs spread out to be in line with your shoulders. Then you tilt slightly to the side to bring your left palm in line with your knee and lift your right arm above your head with the palm facing your body. Hold this pose for fifteen seconds or as long as it is comfortable for you and feel the stretch. Switch sides and repeat for a few times.

Another good exercise for your back and your posture is the tree pose. You begin this exercise standing straight then bring your left foot up to rest against your right calf, knee, or thigh whichever is the most comfortable for you, of course increasing the height of your foot every couple of times you exercise. Once you have achieved this pose you bring your hands together in front of you palm to palm, with your elbows sticking straight out. This position stretches your back, your calf muscles, increases your balance and stretches your triceps.

Yoga is a wonderful low impact exercise program that increases your limberness and agility. It decreases back pain by building strength and flexibility in your muscles by stretching them and strengthens you mentally and physically. You should try yoga to alleviate your back pain before purchasing any expensive back exercise equipment or pain relief medications.