Seca 813 Platform Scale
Item#: FG1542

Seca 813 Platform Scale

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When one takes a holistic look at a personís health, that personís weight plays a central role. Excess weight involves the risk of suffering serious metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Even a slight reduction in weight can help to reduce these risks significantly. The ideal field of application for the highly precise floor scale seca 813 is weight control in the medical sector.

For the health-conscious person, it is also the ideal solution for oneís own home: it combines comfort, stability and safety.
  • Especially wide, low platform for easy mounting
  • The seca 813 combines safety and comfort: the scale can be mounted comfortably and safely due to the extremely low platform (47 mm high) and the non-slip, but pleasantly soft dimpled mat. Older people or persons with walking disability have no problem mounting this floor scale. At the same time, as it is made of a smooth and shockproof material, the platform is extremely hard-wearing, durable and easy to clean.
  • High capacity and stability
  • A scale that stands firm: it only weighs 2.6 kg but can support 200 kg. Moreover, the seca 813 has an extra wide platform (435 mm) which is highly stable due to the integrated steel frame. Two good reasons why the floor scale is optimal for weighing heavyweight persons.
  • Easy to read LCD figures
  • To ensure that the measuring result can be recorded quickly and correctly, the seca 813 is equipped with an easy to read, 29 mm high LCD display.
  • Quick, reliable weighing with step-off function
  • The step-off function is not only practical because the scale does not have to be switched on before weighing, it also ensures that the measuring result is especially accurate as the scale automatically adjusts to zero (null balance) at every weighing. As it weighs very little, the seca 813 is also suitable for mobile use. Any changes in external conditions due to a change of location are accounted for by the automatic zero resetting function and reliably compensated.
  • Capacity 440 lbs
  • Graduations 0.2 lbs
  • Dimensions 433 x 47 x 373 mm
  • Power supply: batteries