Legend Fitness Unilateral Converging Wide Chest Press 6006
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Get all the benefits of a converging chest press but in a smaller footprint. No need for a spotter to get a thorough chest workout, just step aboard and admire the smooth action of the heavy-duty pillow block bearings and the carefully engineered ergonomics. Itís a CAD-developed Throne of Power!

  • Inward-facing load pegs minimize footprint.
  • Seat adjustable for height and angle.
  • Extra long loading pegs hold 7+ plates.
  • Aluminum diamond plate foot platform.

  • Compact Footprint By elevating the user and having the load pegs face inward, this piece takes a minimal amount of floor space without sacrificing any of the functionality.

  • Extra Long Loading Pegs For the bigger brutes, athletes and bodybuilders out there, you can load up nine plates on each lever arm.

  • Unilateral Loading & Movement Prevents the stronger arm from compensating for the weaker arm.

  • Optimal Ergonomics Multi-grip closed-cell foam handles, carefully balanced converging lever motion, a spacious diamond plate foot platform, and adjustable seat height and back angle (in one-inch increments) make sure the workout is effective and safe.

  • Robust Construction The frame was designed using 3D CAD software to minimize the use of fasteners, so assembly only requires seven bolts. The rest is precision East Tennessee welding. This translates to easier setup, less maintenance and extra rigidity! Heavy-duty pillow block bearings are tough as nails, feature lubrication nipples for ease of maintenance, and are smooth enough to never get in the way of a workout.

  • Dimensions: 61.25 x 55 x 58.5
  • Weight: 388lbs

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