York 325lb Rubber Bumper Plate Set W/1500lb Test Bar
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These Solid Rubber Training Bumper Plates provide flooring protection, have a reinforced 2" steel sleeve, and can be used with any Olympic bar. Quality manufactured for maximum durability. Excellent choice for Olympic-style lifting.

The YORK Power Bar is less flexible, more rigid, and has a tensile strength of 1500 lbs. It is excellent for use when performing static, highly controlled, slow movements such as the squat, chest press and dead lift. Sintered-ferous bushings impregnated with oil facilitate free and constant rotation of the bar without allowing for counter-rotation of the weights.

The bar ends are finished with a spring pin on a cold-finished, seamless tubing, securing the sleeve and making it virtually failure proof. Sleeves are machine-finished to a precise 1.975 inch diameter accommodating for any 2" diameter Olympic plate.

Set Includes:

  • 2 x 45LB Solid Rubber Training Bumpers
  • 2 x 35LB Solid Rubber Training Bumpers
  • 4 x 25LB Solid Rubber Training Bumpers
  • 2 x 10LB Solid Rubber Training Bumpers
  • 1 x 7' Men's Olympic 1500lb Test Bar
  • 2 x Olympic Spring Collars