Valor Fitness CLR-25 Climbing Rope
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The Valor Fitness CLR-25 25'x1.5" Sisal Climbing Rope The evolution of fitness to functional movements has sparked a rebirth in the simple, yet highly effective art of training with ropes. Rope measures: 25' (feet) in length and 1.5" (inches) in diameter.

Warning! Rope climbing is inherently dangerous. Valor Fitness does not recommend climbing ropes without using several landing pads at the base of all climbing ropes as well as a spotter. By purchasing this product with this warning being posted, Valor Athletics Inc. absolves itself from any claims made while using the CLR-25 climbing rope.

  • Natural fiber
  • Knots well
  • Resists the effects of intense sunlight
  • Must be stored dry
  • 300lbs - max weight load will vary depending on the attachment point/anchor