Valor Fitness DE-5 Ab/Back Machine
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Valor Fitness DE-5 Ab/ Back Machine - Personal trainers love to harp on their clients about the importance of performing exercises that support the core. Trainers focus on this muscle group because it acts as the center of your body and helps you utilize every other part of your body to maximum efficiency. While it's easy to hit the gym and only perform your usual cardio or strength-training routine, neglecting your core can have adverse effects on your everyday activities.

The Valor Fitness DE-5 offers a complete workout for the ab muscles Rectus and Transversus Abdominus as well as the internal and external oblique’s. When preformed regularly, this exercise can help improve balance, posture and athletic performance. The chest pad can be adjusted to go behind the users back to perform reverse crunches and strengthen the lower back. The Valor Fitness Ab/ Back Machine offers several adjustments to create the perfect balance for a great ab/ lower back workout.

  • Seat Pad adjusts from xxx to xxx with x popper pin optional adjustments
  • Chest pad adjusts from xxx to xxx for x degrees of adjustment for both back and ab function
  • Foot support adjusts from xxx to xxx with x popper pin optional adjustments
  • Popper pin adjustment for chest pad and seat pad
  • One Olympic spring clip included (for use with Olympic adapter)
  • Padded foot supports
  • 2 Rubber foot pads to maintain stability while working out and to protect flooring
  • Color: Pewter/Black
  • Weight plates sold separately